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Reiki Training Level 2 of 3

SECTION ONE – Introduction

Reiki II is the level where you are taught the first three symbols (power, distance, and emotional/mental symbols). With this comes the skill of being able to focus healing on mental and emotional problems, and distant healing those not physically present.

Reiki II is the next exciting step in learning to use Reiki. It is commonly reported that with Reiki II comes an increase in the Reiki energy.

The Level II Attunement is an initiation into the healing symbols of Reiki that enables a person to use the Level II symbols.

The symbols do not represent separate energies, but a specific method of focusing on a specific aspect of the Reiki energy. The symbols allow a convenient point of focus.


In the Reiki Level II attunement, the Power, Mental/Emotional and the Long Distance Symbols are placed into the hands whilst they are in a prayer position over the head. They are also placed into the palms. There is only one attunement in Reiki Level II.

What Happens after a Level II attunement?

  • You are able to manifest what you need in your life at a faster pace.
  • Your Reiki healing energy will flow at a stronger and higher vibration.
  • Your Reiki awareness will continue to expand with your experience and progress.
  • You will have the use of three powerful Reiki Symbols.
  • You will know when to use them!
  • You will be able to send Reiki to the past, the present and the future.
  • You will become more aware of the intensity flow and the power of Reiki.
  • You may become more intuitive and psychic.
  • Further changes unique to you will manifest themselves.

SECTION TWO – The Reiki Symbols

I personally do not believe the symbols are secret, although there are some Masters that do. People who identify themselves as “Traditional” Reiki Masters will generally not show the level II symbols to anyone not attuned to that level. This is an issue of contention for some. The symbols were first released in a book in Australia. They were next shown in Diane Stein’s book, “Essential Reiki”. The decision to show them or not, is an individual decision.

How to Draw the Reiki Symbols

Whenever you draw the Reiki symbols, you will be doing these things:

  • Draw the symbol in a variety of different ways (see below), imagining that the symbol is being traced out in violet – the colour most commonly associated with the Reiki energy
  • If you cannot visualise colours, just ‘intend’ that the symbol is violet, even if you cannot see the colour yourself
  • Then say the symbol’s name to yourself three times as a mantra
  • ‘Tap’ the symbol you have drawn, with your hand/fingers, each time you say the symbol’s name (three ‘taps’ in total)
  • The combination of drawing the symbol and saying the symbol’s name three times ‘activates’ the symbol and produces its effect The symbols can be drawn out in these ways:
    • Draw with the palm of your hand (the palm chakra is where the energy exits). This is suitable for drawing a symbol over the wall of a treatment room (see later).
    • When drawing the symbol over the body, bring all your fingers and thumb together into a cone and draw the symbol over your hand or over a part of the body (see later). Reiki also comes out of your fingers!
    • If your hands are otherwise occupied (treating the person) then you can trace the symbol out with an imaginary ‘very long nose’ (like Pinocchio), and use small head movements.
    • You can also use just eye movements to trace out the symbol over your hands or a part of the patient’s body
    • You can ‘tap’ the symbol you have drawn, using your ‘nose’ or ‘eyes’!

Once you have had a great deal of practice in drawing out the symbols, and they become second nature, you can produce the desired effect by visualising the symbol in its entirety, and you can dispense with the ‘drawing out’ method if you wish. There are no short-cuts in Reiki, and don’t take the above advice as meaning that you don’t have to bother drawing out the symbols: when you have drawn them 500 times, then you might think about ‘seeing them’ in their entirety. Don’t run before you can walk!

This technique is really only suitable for ChoKuRei and SeiHeKi. You will be an exceptional individual if you can see HonShaZeShoNen in its entirety, with its 20+ pen-strokes!

The first symbol is the “Cho Ku Rei”, the “power” symbol.

It says “place the power here”. It is an edict to do so, but something much more is implied. It is also an edict to “wake up”. It is an invitation to awaken, to remember by releasing the things that blind us to our true nature.

The second symbol is the “Sei He Ki”, the “mental-emotional” symbol.

It is the focus in the now where we are a new creation every moment. It is the Harmony symbol. In the oneness that is Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki heals body mind and spirit. It cleanses and heals by helping us to remove the attachments we have that create our suffering and thus our illness.

The third symbol is the “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”, the “distant” symbol but also the “connection” symbol.

It is from a Buddhist Chant that means “Right consciousness is the root of everything” or “A righteous man may correct all thoughts”. Right consciousness is being fully in the moment, fully in the now. It is acting, not reacting. This is an important distinction. Reacting is based on our ego, our conditionings. Our conditionings are the cause of our suffering and our illness. It is only by letting go and removing our conditionings that we are free to be in the moment, to respond, and ultimately to heal.

The symbols are a tool. They are a road map. Do not mistake the map for the journey, or the destination.

Activation of the symbols is normally by drawing the symbol in your mind or with your hand/finger. Say the name of the symbol out loud or in your mind and tap it three times. Draw, Name, Tap, Tap Tap.

You can activate the symbols in your palms, hovering in the air whatever you are guided to do.

SECTION THREE – The Power Symbol

Image 1

Cho Ku Rei

The first symbol is called the Power Symbol or the Cho Ku Rei. Pronounced Sho Koo Ray. This symbol is sometimes nicknamed “the light switch” as it connects us to the energy, like a light switch being turned on. It is thought to turn up the energy, and opens us as channels of the Reiki energy.

The ChoKuRei symbol can help start the Reiki flowing, and most practitioners use it at the beginning of sessions by drawing it on the palms of their hands. It can help overcome negative resistance patterns. Using it on an area can help reduce pain.

It is also used in space clearing.

Draw it on objects in your environment intending they be cleansed and operate for your highest good. Draw it

on objects and send Reiki into them to empower them with Reiki.

The Cho Ku Rei has as many uses as you can think up! You can use the Cho Ku Rei at the start of a healing session to feel the energetic connection to the Reiki source.

You can use it to focus power at each hand position and on any problem areas. Draw it over the person at the end of a healing session to seal in the healing energies. It can be used to clear a room of negative energies. To do this, draw it in all the corners of the room intending it be filled with light. It may also be used for protection.

For protection, draw it on a piece of paper and place it on or under things you want filled with Reiki. Draw it on food and water before you eat and drink them so that they are filled with the love that is Reiki.

You can also draw it over your head during meditation and meditate on the symbols themselves. Draw the Cho Ku Rei on the shower head prior to taking a shower so that the water is filled with Reiki as it cleanses you! Experiment and above all have fun!

Other Uses for ChoKuRei

ChoKuRei and wine

Buy a cheap bottle of wine and pour out two glasses as ‘controls’. Draw ChoKuRei on a piece of paper and stand the wine bottle on the symbol for 10 minutes. Pour out the wine that has been standing on the symbol and compare the two. You should notice the difference in taste when comparing the wine that has been standing on the symbol to the control glasses of wine!

You can use the ChoKuRei symbol on food, computer equipment – anything that you wish! If your mobile phone battery is running low, hold the phone between your hands and send Reiki to it after drawing the ChoKuRei symbol over your hands or over the phone. I have done this several times and have been amazed when the charge level has increased.

ChoKuRei and Flowers

After placing cut flowers into a vase hold your hands around the base of the vase and channel Reiki – you can also draw the ChoKuRei symbol on a piece of paper and place it under the vase. You should notice that the flowers last longer. Why not try putting some flowers in a vase that hasn’t had Reiki and the rest in a vase that has received Reiki and see which lasts longest!

SECTION FOUR – Mental/Emotional Symbol

Image 2

Sei He Ki

The second symbol is called Sei He Ki. It is pronounced “say hay key”. This symbol is known as the mental/emotional symbol, but also as the harmony symbol. It is used to heal mental and emotional habits that no longer work for you, and emotional and mental distress. It is also used to bring up and heal the emotional issues underneath physical problems. It helps reinforce and support positive behavior changes.

It is also used to help release negative conditioning from past experiences by changing reacting to responding. Buddhists believe that ego is conditioning. The Zen sages knew that to be free of suffering was to end desire. It was only by removing the conditionings of life (ego), that one could be free and experience harmony and oneness. This symbol is for healing and releasing those feelings, desires and conditionings. It is also known as the Harmony Symbol.

Healing with the Sei He Ki can be as simple as using the symbol while doing a healing using the regular hand positions. It can also be used as part of an emotional meditation to help release and heal these conditionings and patterns that underlie problems.

Using SeiHeKi when giving Reiki treatments

Sei He Ki generates a higher frequency energy than Cho Ku Rei, and is used to balance the mental and emotional planes. Usui’s surviving students describe this energy as celestial energy, an energy that makes a link with the spiritual, drawing the two energies into harmony.

When the symbol is drawn over the body, the effect is twofold:

1. the symbol boosts the flow of energy through your hands
2. the symbol gears the energy towards mental balancing and emotional release

The effects of SeiHeKi are less noticeable to your hands, because they resonate at a higher frequency than ChoKuRei, and the energy feels more fine and delicate; but it is still as strong.

The effects that SeiHeKi produces are wide-ranging. The symbol will deal with stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness and traumas. It will help a person to deal with anger, heal sorrow and release emotional blocks, and resolves deep-seated emotional problems: unresolved issues that grind away in the background without being dealt with. The symbol can also be used to modify and improve habits and personality traits.

In practice, SeiHeKi can be drawn over these areas:

• head
• heart
• solar plexus

These are the main mental areas and the main emotional centres. In Traditional Chinese Medicine various emotions are seen as being held in particular organs. For example, anger is held in the Liver, fear is held in the Kidneys, grief is held in the Lungs, joy is held in the Heart and sympathy is held in the Spleen. So one could conceivably use energy from SeiHeKi in these areas to deal with these specific emotions, or imbalances associated with them. I would recommend that you let your intuition guide you: if you feel that you ought to use this energy in a particular area then do so, but do not try and treat an emotion in a calculated, academic way.

Positive Affirmations

When you draw Sei He Ki over the head you can use it in conjunction with a positive affirmation that you intend is going to be accepted by your client’s subconscious. Common affirmations might be ‘you are calm, content and serene’ or ‘you are loved and secure’, ‘you feel safe’, or ‘ you feel loved and loveable’. You may have a better idea of what affirmations would be suitable for the person you are working on.

Slide your hands under the back of the client’s head. Use energy from SeiHeKi, either by visualising the symbol over the head, or by drawing down SeiHeKi energy from above. Focus on their third eye and send the new thought pattern. Hold this position for about 5 minutes.

Alternatively, have one hand at the base of the client’s skull, and the other hand resting on their forehead.

I have used a different version of this when doing some treatments: when I have my hands on either side of my client’s temples, I visualise the mental/emotional symbol over the head and say the name three times, imagining the symbol moving into the client’s brain. Then I say an affirmation that I imagine is passing deep into the client’s subconscious. I say the affirmation three times.

Other Uses for SeiHeKi
It has been suggested that SeiHeKi can be used in these situations:

  1. Spirit rescue (lost spirits who haven’t ‘travelled into the light’)
  2. Relationships: use SeiHeKi on the two of you as you lay in bed, maybe in conjunction with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  3. Use SeiHeKi to Reiki your goals, plans, ideas and affirmations: write out the goal, and draw SeiHeKi over the paper. Channel the energy ‘for the highest good’.
  4. Use SeiHeKi to help you remember: study some information, and then send SeiHeKi energy into your head, front and back. See what happens.

SECTION FIVE – Distance Healing

Image 3

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Absentee, or Distance Healing is another aspect of Reiki II. There are as many ways to do distance healing as there are healers. Reiki is unique in healing systems because it does not use the healers energy, and the symbols are a unique connection to the source of all.

The Reiki Distance Healing symbol is called the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. This symbol enables us to send healing energies to others at a distance, wherever they may be! It can be used when doing hands on Reiki healing would be inappropriate (with a burn patient or someone with sexual abuse issues). In these cases Reiki can be sent distantly from across the room. Such line of sight uses of the distant symbol are called “Beaming”. This symbol is also a symbol of karmic release. It allows us to send Reiki outside of time and space. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is made up of five distinct elements. One possible meaning can be “no past, no present, no future”. With distance healing there is “no past, no present, no future”, there is only the now. There is only the present moment.

HonShaZeShoNen is not a symbol that produces energy of a particular frequency – as are ChoKuRei and SeiHeKi. This symbol allows the Reiki energy to be connected in a particular way: in a way where you do not have to worry about time or distance, and it is an integral part of Reiki practice. According to Usui’s surviving students, this energy produces a state of mind of ‘oneness’ in the practitioner, a oneness with the universe that allows you to transcend time and space.

HonShaZeShoNen can be used to send healing energy to someone sitting next to you (without putting your hands on them). You can send Reiki to someone who is the other side of the street, in a different village or town, or in a different continent.

There are other connotations to this energy too. Usui’s surviving students describe the associated kotodama as a ‘connection’ kotodama, so perhaps you might use this energy when you can see that someone is resisting an emotional release. Visualise HSZSN over the solar plexus so that the emotions are ‘connected up’ and released. Maybe if you feel that a person needs to express their emotions or their thoughts better, visualise HSZSN over the throat-heart-solar plexus, or throat-head, to ‘connect’ the mental or emotional areas with the communication centre. This need only be done for a few moments; you are not channelling energy in the way that you are with CKR and SHK. Perhaps when you start a treatment, and you are resting your hands on someone’s shoulders, you might visualise HSZSN in your head, and say its name three times, by way of ‘connecting’ with the person on all levels, or on a deep level.

By guided by your feelings and impressions. Do not do this in a calculated, analytical fashion. Go with the flow and use the energy when it feels appropriate.

Heal your Past

Reiki can be sent to your past, to deal with bad situations in your past that have really left their mark – e.g. a bad argument with a family member that has produced effects that ripple down the years. By imagining the situation and sending distant Reiki to it, you are dealing with and healing the effect that the situation has had on you in terms of the way you think about what happened. You are healing the effect that it has had on your emotions, and the way that you interpret what happened. You are not sending Reiki ‘back in time’.

You can imagine yourself in a childlike state to ‘heal the inner child’.

Send Reiki to the Future

Reiki can be sent to your future, for example a public speaking engagement or job interview, intending that you will be flooded with Reiki when you get there.

People who believe in reincarnation, or perhaps some knowledge of past lives, can send Reiki to their past lives, or even future lives!


There are many ways to use the Mental/Emotional Symbol for emotional healing. This meditation works on the issues behind physical problems. It can help bring them into conscious awareness so they can be dealt with and healed. Below is a method that I use as an emotional healing meditation. Feel free to experiment with this and to tailor it to your specific needs, or the needs of your Reiki clients.

To begin get comfortable, sit in a comfortable chair, and relax. Do some form of systematic muscular relaxation to increase relaxation. One that I use is:

Allow the relaxation to come into the soles of both of your feet at the same time. Feel your feet relax. Let the relaxing sensation move up the legs into the ankles, letting the muscles and bones relax. The relaxing energy moves up the legs into the calves, relaxing them, and then up through the knees into the thighs. Allow the legs to totally relax, and then let the energy move up into the hips, relaxing the hips. And your legs and hips are totally relaxed. Now let the relaxing power move up the spine, and a warm feeling of energy moves up the spine as it relaxes the muscles of the back. The energy moves into the shoulders, and you allow your shoulders to relax. The energy now moves down the arms, and into the hands, relaxing your upper arms, fore arms, and hands. Now the energy moves up the neck, relaxing the muscles in the neck and up the head, into the scalp and the head and scalp are relaxed. The energy moves down over the forehead, and into the jaw, and you are totally relaxed and now ready to start the emotional program.

(The symbols used are Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Sei He Ki. If you have not yet memorized them, have a picture of the three of them together.)

Try to bring the emotional issues to be worked on into awareness. If you cannot get a good handle on the issue, then concentrate on the feelings that you have regarding this matter. Draw the Cho Ku Rei in front of you and on your palms, and above the crown. Then do the same with the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Draw the Sei He Ki in front of you. Again connect with the issue, either the feelings of it or create a visual picture of it in your mind. Draw the Sei He Ki and visualize it over the problem. Meditate on the symbol, and feel it bring healing into you. Know that it is working for your highest good bringing healing to your emotions.

Next draw again the ChoKuRei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and again the Sei He Ki and connect to the issue. Concentrate on sending emotional healing to yourself at the point that this problem occurred, healing within you the past that continues to hold on and create the issue in you. Use an affirmation. “I am healed and whole”, “I release this for my highest good”, or anything that you think of that will help the healing process. Repeat the affirmation three times.

Meditate on the harmony and universal love that the Sei Hei Ki is a representation of. Allow the symbol to be part of your consciousness and let it flow over you. When done, draw the ChoKuRei in front of you.

Do this every day for a week and pay close attention for the changes that will occur in your life.

Alternative Emotional Healing Method

This above method is one method that can be used. Another is to do a treatment using all the hand positions, and draw the Sei He Ki symbol at each position, asking that whatever patterns and conditionings are being held are released. Again be creative and use your intuition and experiment!

SECTION SEVEN – Distant Treatments

You can send Distance Healing to wherever, whoever or whenever you want. People you cannot get to see, past traumas – can all be helped with distant healing.

The following methods are useful for sending distant Reiki treatments. Over time, you will discover that you need to use the distant symbol less, and that the structured methods are also less needed. This is as it should be. As you develop increasing familiarity with the energy you will naturally find that the symbols, like all tools, can be put aside when no longer needed. However, it should be cautioned not to be hasty in initiating this. Take your time and let the connection to the energy strengthen and grow. These are some possible methods for sending distant Reiki. There are a multitude of them, as many as there are practitioners. Use one of these or invent your own.

Regardless of what technique you use to send distant healing, it is important to be mindful of what you are doing and stay in the moment. Do not attach yourself to the outcome but simply send and let Reiki do what it will.

A. The Photo Technique

The simplest technique for sending Reiki to someone at a distance is to use a photo of them. Draw the three symbols with your finger on the picture and say the names of each symbol three times as you draw them. Intend that the person be filled with Reiki. Then place the photo between your hands, and then send the Reiki. You can also do a self treatment using the photo under your hands as you treat yourself intending that the person receive the treatment.

B. The Proxy Methods Teddy Bear Method

Proxy methods are using one thing to represent another. People use these methods to help gain an energetic rapport with the person. Many people have difficulty believing that Reiki can transcend time and space and the proxy gives their minds something to grasp to get past the limitations of the mind. Anything can be used as a proxy. Technically the photo technique above is a proxy method that uses the photo to represent the person.

The basis of the proxy method is that we intend that the object represents the person. A teddy bear is easy, the head represents the head, etc.

Begin by drawing the three symbols on the object used to represent the person. Then treat the proxy intending that you are treating the person.

C. Finger Method

The Finger method is another method of using a representation of the person to send distant Reiki. It is useful if you only have one hand free or in a place where you want to send distant Reiki but do not want to attract attention to yourself. Basically, this procedure uses one of the fingers of one hand to represent a person or situation that you want to send distant healing to. Draw the symbols as usual. Wrap your fingers of one hand around the finger that you are using as your representation. Intend that you are sending distant Reiki to that person or situation. You can state it out loud as well if you like. As you do Reiki on your finger, you are doing Reiki on the person.

D. Visualization Technique

Another method is to imagine that you are there with the person receiving the healing, and do the healing as if you were there. The trick is being able to keep the visual image in your mind while you do the healing. It requires strong visual skills and intent.

E. Beaming Technique

There are two different beaming techniques. They are beaming distantly and in person beaming to someone in your location (i.e., you can see them).
To do distant beaming, draw all three symbols in the air. State the name of the person you wish to heal, and any other details about them that you need to feel connected. Intend that the person will receive Reiki as you send. Hold one or both hands at chest height, palms facing outward from you. ( If you use only one hand, place the other comfortably in your lap.) Then simply send the Reiki. You will feel it pour through your hands. As you send they will be receiving Reiki healing.

In-person beaming is distant Reiki but done when you are with the person. It is something you can do when you want to send Reiki to someone in the line of sight. This is useful for people with touch issues, or for people who it would be inappropriate to touch like burn victims or those with infectious diseases. To do beaming, extend the palms toward the person and use the symbol/word for distant healing. The difference between this and distant healing is you can see the person. You can also beam from the body, projecting out from every cell. You can also beam from the eyes, or anywhere else you care to.

F. Doing Reiki on a List of Recipients

In this method, you are doing Reiki on an entire list of people, with the intent that each are receiving a complete Reiki treatment. This is a useful technique when you have a bunch of people that want distant Reiki, but you do not have time to do distant healing for each. Create a list of those that want distant healing from you. On the list you can include such things as their names, ages, locations, and what needs to be treated. Make sure you have their permission. Once you have the list, you empower the paper with the intent that it be filled with a Reiki treatment for each. Then you simply Reiki the list. Place your hands on the paper, and either just send Reiki, or visualize the people receiving a treatment. Generally, doing the distant healing about 15 to 20 minutes is a good amount of time.

Creative Distant Healing

You can get very creative with distant healing. Typically, you can use it to send healing to someone who is not close enough to touch. Because distant healing works outside of time and space, you can also send distant Reiki to:

1. Yourself as a child, your inner child, difficult episodes in your past
2. Yourself in the future, in an anticipated difficult situation (e.g. job interview) 3. Your past life/lives, or future life/lives
4. Someone who has ‘passed on’
5. Heal a relationship between two people, but always for ‘the highest good’. 6. Global crises, e.g. the Gulf War
7. The planet earth, nature, your garden
8. Divine figures, e.g. Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, the Goddess, Jehovah

If you are going to do distant healing, someone suggested that you should try to do it at 10pm since that’s when most distance healing organisations send their healing energy. If you cannot do it at 10pm, then you could do it earlier but ‘intend’ the energy to “go out” at 10pm!

Distant Healing Books

Send distant healing to multiple recipients by having a ‘distant healing book’. Write down a list of names in the book, review the list before you start, and then channel Reiki into the book with the intention that it will be sent to everyone in the book.

Reiki will still work even if you do not know the recipient, so there are distant healing ‘networks’ who will send Reiki to any names supplied to them. Although you may not know who the person is, the person who asked for the healing knows them, and that connection is sufficient for the energy to reach the right target.

Distant Healing Boxes

Alternatively, use a ‘distant healing box’ containing pieces of paper with names written on them, photographs etc. Reiki the box with the intention that the energy will be sent out to everyone represented in the box.

Reiki Your Bed

I send Reiki to my bed, with the intention that the energy will wait there for me, and flow into me when I get into bed at night. You can send Reiki to the future in an ‘unconditional’ form: it doesn’t have to be set to be released at 10.00pm GMT… it can be sent with the intention that the energy will be released when a certain thing happens. E.g. when you walk into an interview room. You don’t have to worry about Reiki landing on the previous candidate if things end up running late!

SECTION EIGHT – Group Distance Healing

Group Healing is a number of Reiki (or other healers) working together to heal another person. This can be done in person or via distance. There are many methods for doing this.

In the first method, Reiki practitioners sit in a circle. Each person faces the back of the person in front of them. Have everyone draw the symbols and connect to the Reiki energy. The name, age and other information about the person to be treated is stated and then everyone sends Reiki to the person in front of them, the last person sends the energy of all the practitioners to the person being treated.

In the second method, the practitioners sit in a circle facing the each other. Have everyone draw the symbols and connect to the Reiki energy. The name, age and other information about the person to be treated is stated and then everyone sends Reiki to the person who is visualized/imagined to be in the centre of the circle.

SECTION NINE – More uses for the Symbols!

Use the Symbols whenever you feel you should, in whatever circumstance arises. Your intuition will guide you.


Reiki can be used to clear and cleanse rooms of negative energy. Before a Reiki session with a client it is important to cleanse and clear the room.

The procedure is very simple and again you can alter it depending on your intuition.

I simply activate all of the symbols in each corner of the room three times, and I intend that the room be cleared of all negative energy and only positive happy energy be resent in the room. I end the procedure by activating the symbols three times in the centre of the room with the same intent.


You can use the Power Symbol as a filter for a whole host of things. Negative thoughts, People who stay in your mind, Cleansing organs.

Draw a Power Symbol and watch it hover, ask you intuition how many Symbols you need to deal with the issue, imagine the number of Power Symbols required floating in the air. To clear negative thoughts guide the symbols into you head one by one, a chunk at a time or all at once and intend that the negative thoughts be released. The same procedure can be used for People who stay in your mind.

Use the Power symbol to cleanse any of you body organs. Again draw the Power Symbols and ask how many are needed to cleanse the organ. Imagine the symbols being drawn into the part of your body where the organs are and intend that they be cleansed.

Experiment – you can use these methods in whatever circumstances you can think.


If you ever feel your Self Confidence diminishing then do not fear – Reiki is here.

Draw a large Power Symbol just a few inches in front of you, then step into it and ask that it help boost your self confidence and help you cope with the days events.

Draw the Mental/Emotional Symbol mentally between the other party and you. Intend

that all goes well with the meeting and that you perform to the best of your ability.

If you feel uncomfortable using this method, why not send Reiki to the meeting or interview in advance by using the Distance Symbol too!


Use your intuition to use the Symbols in anyway you think. I use the Power Symbol to clear the road ahead when I am driving. If I am low on fuel I use it to ensure I get to the next garage! I use it in traffic jams to help clear the road. I use it on all traffic in front and behind me to ensure all drivers have a safe journey.

The possibilities are endless – just experiment you cannot do any harm.

SECTION TEN – Conclusion

That’s it! You are ready to embark on the next stage of your journey with Reiki.

Reiki Level II is all about bringing harmony and peace into our inner world of emotions and mental attitudes. It also helps us to be better at expressing who we really are. The Symbols are gifts of protection, compassion and wisdom that allow us to do this wok in ways that are fun, nurturing and lasting. Use the Symbols on yourself, and others around you every day.

For at least the first 21 days after your attunement give yourself the Mental/Emotional technique and send Distant/Absent healing to yourself and others.

Enjoy the start of your new journey.

Drawing the symbols – simply follow the numbers and arrows as follows:- Cho Ku Rei

Image 4

Sei He Ki

Image 5

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Image 6

Please note the number 11 is missing as it looks like part of the drawing!

This is Part-2 of a three part series on Reiki Training abridged from the USUI REIKI TRAINING MANUAL by Stephen Lovering.


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